Blogging in my own write  from a personal perspective with insights, views, reviews and some other ramblings. And keeping a finger on the pulse of the World Wide Web and everything else in between.

ying  and yang photo: Ying-Yang Ying-Yang.jpg

Ying and Yang come to mind when I think about blogging. In my mind, it’s just like Writing and Blogging. Sounds a bit odd to you? How about Sugar and Spice? Okay, shoot me for that!

Perhaps, I should think that I’m just someone pretending to be an intrepid blogger writing with a balanced point of view. Hopefully, I don’t fall on my butt while writing on this blog.

As far as this blogger is concerned, I’d like to touch on a wide range of subjects related to  the World Wide Web. Geez, that’s quite a lot of travelling to do if we were in the real world! Well, never mind, they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. . . not the travelling. I’m fine with that.

My writing style can be quite eclectic and erratic to some extent. Maybe you’ll find it resonates with your own style and thinking, or maybe it’ll make you head for the hills. Who knows? Let’s pray it won’t come to that, but sometimes you win some, and lose some.

How about Change? That’s a nice word. Yes, this blog will change (for the better) as it finds its way on this blogging journey. So let’s hit this darn blogging trail and see where we end up!


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