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People who visit blogs are mostly ‘scanners’ unless there’s something that really catches their eyes. They’ll be like here today, gone the next minute without exploring the site any further.

So what really can capture their interest? Obviously, the first post they see must be a ‘real gem’ to make them stop to read.

But sometimes, the ‘golden nuggets’ that you’re looking for may not be the latest post on the blog. It could well be hidden somewhere deep in the blog archive.

The trouble with some site visitors is that they don’t bother to dig deep into the blogs they visit. It’s not something that they must do. But, perhaps, it has not crossed their mind to do that.

Before I go on, I’d like to say that this is not a sad reflection on those who don’t spent more time on the blogs they visit.

As bloggers, we are dictated by our own sense of doing things the way we see fit. We have this personal freedom to survey the blogosphere and make our own discovery – for better or worse.

Let us put it this way. If you’re only skimming over the surface of a blog you are visiting, you may miss out on some good read or information that’s buried deep in the blog archive, especially a site that has been around for more than a year or two.

Studies have revealed that many bloggers are scanners and they seldom look up the older posts.

Sometimes there are blogs that started off very well with stimulating and compelling posts well worth your time to read them but, somehow, along the way they seemed to go through a period of below-par productivity. The blog suffers, giving later visitors the wrong impression that it’s not an interesting site, not worth the time to browse around or re-visit.

But if those visitors had taken the trouble to check out the older posts in the archive, who knows, they would have found some great articles lurking there, indicating that there was a time when that blogger had the passion and fire to write compelling posts or some articles that might have relevance to you.

And if you ever come across a blog with great and unique content, then it’s worth your time to check out its archive because there’s a likelihood that a site like this is bound to have some good read in earlier posts.

In this fast-paced world, most of us have transformed ourselves into “scanners.” It’s not only blogs that we scan, but newspapers have been experiencing this “scanner” syndrome for years so much so that most publishing companies have undergone newspaper re-designs to cater to a readership of scanners.

Has anyone ever experienced this before? Finding some good stuff underneath a layer of mediocre blog posts?