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We’re all on common ground if you happen to be reading this right now. Let’s not pretend. A lot of us are surfing the Internet looking for our own little “El Dorado” in cyberspace. You know what I mean…

Okay, trying to make sense of this whole darn thing may be a piece of cake for some. But for others, especially newbies and wannabes, it’s like a minefield, strewn with uncertainties and various pitfalls.

So there you are, you need to know what’s going for you. You need to know how you can benefit in your online quest. You still need to know what’s hot and what’s not.

Staying on the right track and making sense of everything that permeates the Internet is a sensible thing to do. Don’t you agree?

Oh yes, mark my word, information is the key to your success on the Internet. You’ll be a lame duck if you don’t have the information.

HERE’S THE BAD NEWS: Let’s face it. Surfing the Internet can be like a quixotic adventure full of promises and dreams. But if you’re not careful you may land yourself in a quagmire with shattered dreams.

There are too many stories out there of how people were taken for a ride. Like they say, don’t simply accept a dangling carrot from a stranger unless you know the full details about what he’s offering you.

Hype and outright fraud, the World Wide Web is plagued by snake oil salesmen, selling so many get-rich-quick schemes.

Try as we might, there’ll still be a sucker born every minute who jumps in where angels fear to tread. There’ll be people who will get ripped off by some Internet marketing systems that don’t really work.

There’ll be some naive newbies or noobs who think they can cough up a lump sum of money (hard earned or from a rich dad) to buy a website or blog and this site turns out to be a proper sting.

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: If an online business is your set target, you can overcome these hurdles. I assume only that you know your “subject matter” (from work experience, hobbies, passions, or pastimes)… and that you are motivated, because a genuine, profitable online business takes work – whether you are working on a website or a blog.

If you have already tried and failed (and think that “the Net doesn’t work”), it’s time to start again. You can overcome the barriers. Successful online-business-building is all about following the right process, using strong tools, and smart work – and learning from the right people.

If you’re truly aware of all the pitfalls that may come your way and avoid them, then you could well be on your way to Internet success. I’m not saying you’ll become a Net millionaire, but if you can make some decent income to enable you to pay your bills and throw in a vacation, why not!

One last thing to remember – check out everything first if you’re going to take on a project that costs money. Don’t simply plunge in with your eyes close, especially on the Internet.

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