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Working bee

As an active Internet user in the last eight years, I’ve followed the tremendous growth of the Net with great interest.

As someone associated with the newspaper industry for as long as I can remember, I’ve seen the advent of desktop publishing in the 80’s that brought about profound changes in the publishing industry.

And the Internet, in recent years, has also instigated and influenced a whole new way of doing business online.

The proliferation of Web sites on the Net has created a huge and fast-growing new marketplace for content professionals, be they writers, editors, researchers, artists, photographers and other specialists.

As they say, “content is king” on the Web, and without good content the Web site loses its “stickiness.”

It’s a tough world today when it comes to information. You can thank the Internet explosion as the catalyst that opened the floodgates.

Now you have plenty of choices. Too much if you’re not adept at filtering what you don’t need. Net info is like bees buzzing around your head.

The Internet has become the greatest source of information. Dare we say it’s the mother of all information purveyors?

Yes, it’s buzzing with information overload.

Photo Credit: xsannyx

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